Video controls

Video Viewing Tips

It is suggested to view the videos in sequence through Series 1, 1-20, and then Series 2, 1-20.

The videos can be viewed on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smart phone. They may also be cast to a television if you have a Google Chromecast device or a smart TV.

The controls under each video allow several useful features:

1. Volume

2. CC or Closed Captioning: This turns on subtitles so you can follow along with text at the bottom of the screen.
3. Search Transcript: Click here to view the transcript of the video. You can search by text to go directly to a point in the video.
4. Quality/Speed: You can change the quality speed of the video playback. Useful for slower connect speeds.
5. Cast to a Device: Using Google Chromecast or a smart TV the videos can be viewed on your television screen from your phone or tablet.
6. Picture in Picture: Opens a separate pop-up window that can be positioned around the screen.
7. Full screen view: Toggles back and forth between filling the entire screen or just the initial window.

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