Love Takes Time with Harvey and Kathy Corwin

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The Love Takes Time organization was established in 1972, with an objective to support, strengthen and build relationships within marriages and families. The related content and programming was initially created and developed by marriage and family educators, Harvey and Kathy Corwin. Love Takes Time, with the support and guidance of production organizations, relationally based educational resources, strategic vendors and countless volunteers helped produce content for radio and television programs and marriage seminars around the world. SEE MEDIA

Harvey and Kathy Corwin on their wedding day, 1966

Harvey and Kathy on their wedding day, 1966.

2024-02-23 - Click the play button below to listen to Radio 74 Internationale interview with Harvey and Kathy Corwin, recorded February 23, 2024. (See more of Radio 74 at their link:

2024-02-27 - The relaunch of Love Takes Time was published in the February 27, 2024 Oregon Adventist news (click link to view the news item)

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